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Papiercollage hinter LED beleuchtetem Acrylglas 

Led backlighted mixed media 
Remote controlled
Shabby wooden framed

DetailLierte Produktinformationen (ArtWork Description)

Titel: PENG (Title: PENG)
Technik:  Papiercollage hinter RGBW LED beleuchtetem Acrylgas, IR-Fernbedienung (Technical aspects: Led backlighted mixed media, remote controlled)
Jahr: 2015 (Produced in 2015)
Maße: Höhe (50 cm), Breite (50 cm), Tiefe (10 cm) (External dimensions: Height (20 inches) Width (20 inches) Depth (4 inches))
Besonderheiten: "Shabby-Wooden-Finish" Rahmung, Unikat (Special features: Unique and shabby wooden framed, ready to hang)
Preis: 2.800,00 Euro inkl. MwSt. zzgl. Versand (Price: 2.800,00 Euro incl. VAT of 19%, shipping excl.)

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